Saturday, 24 August 2013

Star of the day: Christiana Cyprian

Hey readers,thank God for a wonderful weekend.Hope y'all are having a pleasant weekend.This segment of gracetrendy's blog,features youths with different talents and profession.To see the previous star featured,click HERE
Today's star is a girl,bold and eloquent Christy. Read her interview below;

What is your name? Christiana Cyprian

What is your profession? Am a student of Adamawa state polytechnic,Mubi

What are you studying? Veterinary medicine(Animal Science)

What are your talents? Dancing.I love dancing a lot

What are your future plans? I would love to be a Veterinary Doctor someday,l love animals.

Who inspires you? Kaffy,the Nigerian dancer.

Contact: 22419760(BB pin)

What do you think?Have any question for Christy? You can ask her through the comment form.
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  1. Christiana cyprian as a veterinary doctor, whats d meaning of d term anorexia

  2. Wow..Datz my girl.Solidly behind u.Keep the flag flying

  3. SO, Beauty runs in the family.....and wow A FELLOW ANIMAL LOVER!!!!!

    Anonymous..anorexia is an eating and emotional disease where the person always "sees" themselves as too fat even if they are skin and bone, they won't eat enough to the point of ruining their health, some die of it

  4. Christiana CyprianAugust 24, 2013 10:21 pm

    Thanks guys,and anonymous,hope Joleena had cleared u up.
    Been busy with exams

  5. Wow ur beauty makes me speechless am running short of words.Dooshima u are bless

  6. Dooshima I wish u all d best in ur exam d lord wil crown ur effort wit success.


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