Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Blogger's lifestyle-Motherhood

Hi readers,hope you all had a very wonderful Sunday.Today has been very busy for me,that was why l didn't make any posts.Check out my looks of today.

Haven't been been easy.I am still at my hometown in Anambra state...Attending to family and domestic issues,coupled with nurturing my 3 months old.

Whoever said been a mother is easy is definitely drunk or hallucinating.
I love been a mother,l am proud to be a mother,don't get me wrong.

So to all parents out there,be it a single parent,husband and most especially 'MOTHERS'
thumbs up,the world revolves around you....

To every person out there,be soft and gentle with your mommas,the road was rugged and hectic,but she bore the cross for you.

Have a pleasant week my cuties.


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