Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Shocking! 72-year-old woman raped to death

A 72-year-old Nigerian woman has been raped to death by a 32 year old man who bears the nickname Ochu.

The incident which  happened on Sunday,25th August,in Ibom Village in Arochukwu, Abia state, eastern Nigeria has left so many thinking.

Investigations have it that the deceased went to fetch fodder for her goats around 5 p.m. in a nearby bush when she was trailed by Ochu(the accused),where he raped  her to death.

The source said the man, a notorious Indian hemp smoker, was known for trailing and raping women in the area.(And they left him?)

It said that before Ochu left the deceased to run away, he pulled her corpse to a nearby footpath for people to see it.(shey)

The source said the assailant was arrested on Monday in Ohafia when he was identified by a woman who was privy to the information about the crime.

The woman, who was in a bus en route to a nearby village, alerted military men at a check point on the road.

The source said the military men arrested him and later handed him over to the police in that area before he was moved to Arochukwu.

Culled from Nigerianeye

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  1. This is just beyond sick, disgusting, and sad. She lived a long life to have end like this! The man needs to be put in prison and every other inmate told why he is there.....I'm sure they will show him what it's like


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