Monday, 12 August 2013

Talk Health:Washing your face properly can help you fight blackheads and acnes

Wash face

Acne strikes people from adolescence through middle age, and while there isn't a cure for pimples, zits and blackheads, they can be controlled.
The problem? Most people don't properly wash their face. They either over-exfoliate with harsh scrubbing, or dry it out using extreme cleansing soaps— both of which cause the face to overcompensate and produce even more oil, which in turn can clog pores. This creates an unending cycle that can cause long-term skin damage and premature aging lines.
To clean your face follow these procedures;

1. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap so that you don't transfer acne-causing bacteria to your face.

2. Splash lukewarm water on your face to prep the skin for cleansing. Hot water can damage the skin and cause your face to begin oil production.

3. Use a cleanser that's specifically designed for faces and unclogging pores. Clogged pores are what keep your skin's oil from reaching the surface, which not only causes blackheads and pimples but also dries out your face.

4. Gently rub the cleanser into your skin, moving fingers in a circular motion for  at least 30 seconds. Fingers usually work better than loofahs or wash cloths that can irritate the skin.
5. Cup cool water in your hands, lift it to your face, and rinse. Do this several times, then pat your face dry — don't rub it—with a soft towel.

While these steps seem simple, they work, and the kind of cleanser you use is definitely key to your success.

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